No matter where you are in the Cyberspace, CYTEKIA can help you manage your Digital Risk

Due to their diversity in terms of morphology and maturity, there are as many security contexts as there are organizations in the cyberspace – and every context raises different challenges. CYTEKIA is here to help you manage your digital risk with a wide spectrum of tactical, operational, and strategic capabilities.


Solutions Tailored to You

As a leading global cybersecurity company, CYTEKIA covers a wide spectrum of expertise areas and finds the right security solution for you

Governance Expanding the safe perimeter/Reducing the attack surface
Trust Friction-free, cross border trusted transactions within the cyberspace
Service Guarantee
Cyber Intelligence Proactively managing security events and KPIs
Holistic Protection Secure, ubiquitous global access to the cyberspace

Faster, Smarter, Mightier

The expertise provided by our team blurs the lines between cost efficiency and strong protection. The company strikes a thin cord in the cybersecurity circle, focusing on the correct implementation of governance schemes and the thorough assessment of the risk level. Being mindful of our customers’ expectations, we help them identify their weaknesses and make powerful decisions to fix them. Throughout our advising services, we empower people, business, government, and society for a safer cyberspace.

Security assessment

Pinpoint your vulnerabilities… before the cyberspace invaders do.

Security planning

Optimize the implementation of security strategic, operational, and tactical measures.


Achieving the Promise Of Truly Global Cybersecurity

CYTEKIA orchestrates technology and expertise to create innovative cybersecurity solutions and products that improve the way you work, connect, and collaborate within the cyberspace. The company fine tunes its best-in-class technology and expertise to solve our customers’ most complext security challenges. This encompasses reverse engineering your applications to make them compliant to security development best practices.


Towards a Smart Protection of the Cyberspace

Simply acquiring and deploying security solutions is no longer enough to protect the cyberspace from the explosive growth of digital threats. In order to make the security investments effective and cost-efficient, organizations must strive to realize the value brought by AI to cybersecurity. Data science presents huge opportunities to develop and improve cybersecurity services and experiences by capturing, processing, and analyzing threat data from an increasing range of sources. CYTEKIA proposes a multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity that articulates around three axes: governance, trust, and tools.

cyber chip


Our team developed cybersecurity strategies both at the national and institutional levels based on the NIST SP 800-53 and the NIST CS frameworks.


Our experts have a deep knowledge of trust infrastructures compliant to the EU eIDAS regulations. They led the development of national PKI and eIdentity projects in different countries.


Our team has a thorough experience with the assessment of security features in software and hardware applications. Our experts did reach outstanding performances in reputed international cybersecurity competitions..